The Stedelijk City Museum, which specialises in modern art and design, has always struggled to find room for the permanent display of all its important works. Constructed in 1895, the museum is one of three large cultural buildings built around the Museum square in the space of a few years, the others being the Rijksmuseum (1885) and the Concertgebouw (1888). The exterior of the Stedelijk, with its upper façade and tower, is typical of Dutch renaissance style buildings. Adaptations to the 19th century interior have failed to keep pace with the museum’s growing collection and in response a new central repository was constructed and is now in use in Amsterdam West.

The solution Bruynzeel Storage Systems supplied a range of artwork storage, pallet racking for larger objects and mobile storage systems to maximise the use of existing space in the new central repository. With the various storage systems supplied by Bruynzeel, the store in Amsterdam West is safe and space-efficient – and the museum’s collection is held in optimal conditions for preservation.