The National Library of Kuwait is located in Qibla, only a few minutes walk from the site of the first 18th century settlement in the country. The library complex contains the preserved buildings of AlKhaled Mosque and Diwaniyah and the AshSharhan Mosque, all built in the 19th century. In addition to being a cultural and educational resource for the state, the Library represents an important link between Kuwait’s past and its future. Designated by Kuwaiti government decree as a repository for cultural and historical documents, the Library required a modern storage system for its new building.

The solution
This project aim was to preserve valuable primary sources and documents relating to national heritage, and to make it electronically available for readers. The Bruynzeel mobile storage system installed at the library holds books in shelving units and in additional drawers, maps are stored. For esthetic reasons, the library shelving storage system is finished in RAL 7016, with additional bespoke end panels featuring patterned fretwork. To save energy and increase safety, the system is fitted with aisle lighting which automatically switches on when the bases start moving.