During these difficult times we would like to take a moment to thank all the people that are working tirelessly to keep us as save as possible. I think everyone will agree that these people are true heroes!

Health care heroes

People in health care like doctors and nurses right there at the “front line” fighting this global virus. Your general practitioner and all the staff in pharmacies, At risk themselves working long hours, true heroes, we thank you all.

Care homes and help at home heroes

Taking care of elderly people, making sure they have someone to talk to. Either from a care home or at home. Important jobs that became even more important during this time of crisis. We thank you!

Grocery store heroes

To all the people in grocery stores, at bakers and butchers. Keeping the shelves full of products so we have something to eat. Working extra long hours, dealing with angry customers when something isn’t in stock. We apologize for all these people and thank you for your patience and hard work.

Transport heroes

Transporting raw materials for factories to keep going, being able to produce all the products we need. Suppling grocery stores and hospitals with vital products, we thank you.

Teaching heroes

For finding new and innovative ways of teaching our children who are at home. Working extra long hours creating completely new lessons. Thank you for all your hard work.

Production heroes

For all the people working in factories, in different shifts under very different circumstances. Like our very own production workers, keeping the production of orders on track. A big thank you to you all for keeping businesses going and making sure we have all the products we need.

There are heroes everywhere you look, and we can all help them. Stay at home, this really helps in the spread of the virus. Stop hoarding! There is no need. Wash your hands and do your parents or grand parents need groceries? Maybe your elderly neighbor? Help them. Call people that are in isolation, even if it’s just to say hello. Together we can beat this virus!