University College Zealand completed its Roskilde Campus in 2012, consolidating its professional bachelor’s programmes in social education, social work, health and education into four linked buildings. Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, the campus provides up to 20,000 m2 of flexible space to meet the practical and learning needs of its students. The open-plan buildings, arranged around a campus square, ensure that all facilities can be accessed by students simply and easily. This extends to the library storage, where Bruynzeel mobile shelving systems – provide students full and open access to books and magazines.
The solution The Bruynzeel mobile storage system installed at Roskilde has been specified to close at night. By shutting the library shelving, anti-theft protection is enabled. In the morning, the system is reactivated and automatically moves to its open position along rails embedded in the floor, ready for students to access the collection. Finished in matt black to match the interior design, the shelving features iPads on selected end panels, allowing students to search for and locate a specific book or magazine on the shelves.
University College Zealand multifunctional space