Greif Inkasso, Germany


Healthy working and climate protection are the focus of the innovative BOB office building; around 2,800 square metres of new work environments for Greif Inkasso GmbH.

A healthy work environment and maximum energy efficiency are the focus of the innovative BOB office building in Dachau, Germany. With this special office building, Greif Inkasso GmbH is creating an attractive new company headquarters. With this new building, Greif Inkasso made a conscious decision in favour of a sustainable office building.

With a gross floor area of almost 2,800 square metres, this office building is the most energy-efficient office building in Bavaria.

“With the BOB concept we can implement our wishes and ideas for healthy, communicative and future-proof work and thus optimally serve our customers. “

Stephan Jender

Managing director Greif Inkasso

Greif Inkasso’s new office building is based on the concept of the Balanced Office Building system from Aachen-based provider BOB AG. BOB is characterised by an excellent indoor climate, very low ancillary costs and, despite its powerful cooling system, also the lowest possible energy costs.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems installed Sysco® static archive systems to efficiently archive the large number of files. By using static shelving, all files are immediately accessible to all employees. The new, dynamic archive has become a well-organised storage.

Sustainability is an important theme for Greif Inkasso. Sustainability is also integrated into the daily work at Bruynzeel. We are constantly working to be the most environmentally friendly storage solution provider. We do this by continuously improving our processes. For example, we focus on continuously increasing the percentage of recycled steel in our material, for corrosion protection we don’t use heavy metals in our powder coating process and our production is climate-neutral.

The focus of Bruynzeel on sustainability was also one of the reasons that Greif Inkasso chose Bruynzeel’s storage systems.


“It was particularly important for all of us to highlight more climate protection, sustainability and thus future viability.”

Stephan Jender

Managing director Greif Inkasso

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Photos: BOB AG/Johannes Vogt