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Our library shelving and storage is developed with modern libraries in mind, with many design options, modern aesthetics and a high loading capacity. Our range of accessories complements any library.

Space saving library shelving uses our shelving system on a mobile base, saving 50% floor space, opening just one aisle at a time. Available in hand or electronically operated versions. The electronic mobile system, Dynamic II, has the best safety features and a specifically designed “library mode”. Opening all aisles at once giving full access to the system. Or closing all aisles, freeing up floor space for events, gatherings or presentations.


Our finishing panels are available in steel, wood and glass and can be outfitted with acoustic sound absorbing material. With multiple options for colours and accessories there is always a suitable design for you.

Modern aesthetics

Our shelving systems are 100% powder coated. The edges of the shelves are folded three times to prevent any kind of sharp edges. Our uprights can be configured without any perforation on the visible side creating a modern high-end look.

Loading capacity

Storing paper like binders, books or magazines always requires a strong and stable storage system. By combining high quality shelves and uprights with beams to brace the system Sysco® Library shelving can handle 800 kilograms per section.
Library Mode - Compactus® Dynamic 2 XTR - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Library mode

Using the free Dynamic II app, available on Android and iOS, the system administrator can open all aisles at once by selecting “Library mode”. Offering full access to the system during business hours whilst freeing up the same space for special events.

Library Mode - Compactus® Dynamic 2 XTR - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

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Sysco - Static archive shelving - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Library shelving

Sysco® Library shelving specifically designed for modern libraries. A strong and rigid system with many design options which is highly adaptable in size.

Space saving library shelving

High density systems are great space savers, combining multiple racks with just one aisle. Increase your capacity instantly. The ideal solution for your library!

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