With many museums and galleries holding up to 90% of their collections in storage we show you how to open them up.

Bram Janssens is responsible for the Museum Aam de Stroom, storing and accessing objects from the store rooms.

Our main challenge was to have a large part of the collection kept compactly in the storeroom.  At the same time, it also had to be accessible to the public. This naturally requires certain precautions. The public should not come into contact with the objects, and yet at the same time should be able to see the collection in the storeroom. Bruynzeel Storage Systems designed a convenient system of display cabinets customised especially for us. This allowed us to display objects, that the public would otherwise never get to see.

The racks are electronically scrollable. That ensures that they open and close very gradually. Which has the advantage that abrupt movements are avoided and that objects are moved in a very stable way. We have a very diverse collection of materials in the storeroom from paper, metal, wood and plastic. Each material actually has different needs in regard to air conditioning. We have a large variety of materials and objects. We maintain a constant climate here. We use LED light for illuminating the display cases, because it is much less harmful than normal lighting. Apart from other things, LED light does not generate heat. Heat is obviously harmful to objects and materials. 

LED light also has the advantage that we can dim it easily and that we can adjust the light intensity very easily depending on the type of object and material shown in the display cabinet. The sustainability aspect of the system is very important because our collection is growing. There are more and more objects for which we have to give a place on the shelves. As a result, it is of great importance that over the course of time we can still always add shelves to the racks to store the new acquisitions .


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