Safety Master:
Safety redefined

The new standard in safety

Engineered with safety in mind, our all new Safety Master. Multiple systems in one elegant unit that ensures the safety of your users and products. We believe this is a must have feature for all electronically driven systems, that is why we added the Safety Master to our default set off safety features. Increasing the safety of our Compactus® series even further.


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Entry detection

The passive infrared technology (PIR) in our entry detection system detects the entry of a person into the open aisle. LED lights activates automatically and stay on as long as the aisle is in use. The entry detection lets the system know if someone enters the closing aisle and stops the system from moving, further increasing the safety of your users.

Person or object detection

The Safety Master takes a picture of an open and empty aisle. As soon as someone wants to close the aisle, it compares the actual situation with the stored picture of an empty aisle. If it detects people or objects (larger then A5 or 300cm2) in the aisle, the aisle will not close and revert to the visual safety procedure.

Visual safety

The movement of the system stops and on either side of the aisle displays an eye icon. The user has to press both eyes, one after the other, looking into the open aisle in the process. This visual safety makes sure the user looks into the aisle and continues safely.

GDRP compliant

Our Safety Master is GDPR compliant, only storing a picture of an empty aisle. The image processing is done on the Safety Master where the picture is stored, there are no download or export options.

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