We are approaching one of the most intensive periods when it comes to shopping, starting with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and until Christmas. Social distancing rules or restrictions still in effect in many countries will continue to encourage online shopping as well as reinforce new patterns in shopping behaviour over the longer term.

E-commerce boom
According to the World Economic Forum, the lock-down has caused an e-commerce boom in which department stores are expected to see their sales decline by over 60% while e-commerce is expected to grow by nearly 20% in 2020. Adobe Analytics reports that the volume of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are forecast to increase in 2020 by almost 20% compared to 2019. It is safe to assume that the upcoming few weeks are going to be like nothing we have experienced before.

The increase in e-commerce sales will put enormous pressure on the supply chain. The lack of space and capacity at pick-up points combined with pressure on the staff handling the increased amount of packages will surely be a challenge. DHL reports that the return rate from e-commerce is around 30% worldwide!

Invest in your supply chain
To handle this new e-commerce era, in which convenience for the customer is the focus, Deloitte suggests that companies should invest in positioning their businesses to face these consumer behaviour changes. The consulting firm believes the time has come to create the digital marketplace and click-and-collect universe as well as to make supply chains customer-centric, for example through flexible warehousing solutions such as utilizing their physical stores.

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