With Bruynzeel’s range of accessories, you are able to customise your storage system exactly as you want it. Of course, our accessories are of the highest quality and are configurable on our static and mobile storage systems.
TUB Frame - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

L’Obique / TUB frame

Store documents in L’Oblique suspension pocket files.
ZT Pendel Frame - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

ZT pendel frame

Store documents in Jalema/ZT suspension pocket files.

Rails for Elba Leitz Pendex - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Rails for Elba-Leitz-Pendex

For lateral hanging folders with 1-point suspension type Elba, Leitz or Pendex.

Pull out frame - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Pull-out frame

Store documents in several types of suspension pocket files. The files are accessible from above.

Full Height Divider - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Full height divider

Divide shelves into a number of closed compartments.

Sliding book support - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Sliding book support

To keep rows of books or documents upright. Can be locked in any position.

Compartment clamp - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Compartment clamp

To keep rows of books, binders or folders upright.

Rod Dividers - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Rod dividers

Create open barred compartments.

Drawer - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Store smaller goods and office supplies either loose or packed. The drawer may be divided into a number of sections.

Multipurpose drawer - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Multipurpose drawer

For storage of fragile and sensitive objects that must be protected from dust and light.

Pull-out shelf - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Pull-out shelf / Reference shelf

Pull-out shelves are used as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.

Perforated Shelves - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Perforated shelf

Used with shelf dividers and partitions (2 and 3 rows).

A4 Label Holder - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

A4 Label holder

For aisle indication and labelling. Attached to the front panel.

A6 Label Holder - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

A5 Label holder (2 x A6)

For displaying content. Attached to the front panel.

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