This year has brought about many changes, one being the “new normal” and it’s making everyone review the way of working. To minimize contact governments around the world introduced the “1,5 meter or 6 feet society”. How do we work in this new normal? Bigger office buildings? Less people in the office?

As storage experts we believe the answer can be found in centralizing your storage. Using high density mobile storage systems can save up to 50% of floor space, leaving more room for desks and social distancing.

Create space with your storage
Centralizing your storage with a high density mobile storage system saves 50% floor space when compared to traditional storage solutions. This extra space can be used to create distance between desks. Using the same office with the same amount of employees but following the 1,5 meter / 6 feet rule!

Floorplan Bruynzeel Storage Systems
Floorplan_new Bruynzeel Storage Systems
Our systems can save space in any working environment, Do you need advice on creating space? Get a free consultation from one of our storage experts!

Limit access using RFID
Limiting access to certain aisles can help stop the spread of bacteria. Some aisles only need to be accessed by certain departments or even limited to certain people. Our Dynamic II system with RFID readers has the option to restrict aisles. Controlling who has access is easily configurable in the Dynamic II App.

The RFID readers offer hands free operation: simply swipe the RFID card in front of the Dynamic II panel to unlock an aisle.

RFID-Scanner Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Create zones in your storage
Our storage systems are highly configurable, not only in functionality but also in design. Change the color of certain shelves to indicate a different department. Use visuals on the front panels to indicate waiting zones or inform people of social distancing rules.

What ever your needs, we organize your space.

Frontpanel-with-warnings Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Access storage system without hands
Our Dynamic II electronically operated systems are designed to be operated without using your hands. Thanks to an innovative design every movable base can be operated using your elbow, preventing the spread of bacteria and germs.

Handsfree-operation Bruynzeel Storage Systems

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