When: March 2019

Where: Yuen Long Library, Hong Kong

Who: Interviewed the Librarian of Yuen Long Library

The Yuen Long Library is made up of both a public and private library depot. The depot is a central library for the collection of books from multiple libraries around Hong Kong. The problem was that the library had run out of space for book storage. This meant that the normal book exchange between libraries could not take place.

The Yuen Long Library wanted a solution that would maximize the capacity of their storage together with a safe environment for the staff to work in. Bruynzeel delivered a solution that maximized and increased the storage capacity by over 50%, and provided active safety features to ensure a safe environment for all users.

The librarian of The Yuen Long said they were very satisfied with the solution as it increased their storage capacity to store more books. Other benefits are the ease of use and the aesthetics of the systems. He also said that the photocells and motion detectors gave a double insurance for employees’ safety.

The complete building provides both the Yuen Long District Library and Indoor recreation center with 2 floors of children’s and adult lending library and a further  2 floors of indoor facilities like table tennis, gym, multi-functional fitness rooms, double basketball and badminton sports hall. It has a capacity of 1500 seats for spectators for hosting city wide tournaments.