Regional museum

The Sörmland Museum is a regional museum with activities throughout Sörmland. The museum wants to broaden people’s view and create involvement.

After a thorough investigation, the Sörmland district council commissioned a new museum building. A creative meeting place for everyone. With space for exhibitions, events, courses, meetings, open collections and much more. There are also production and work areas for the museum’s extensive activities throughout Sörmland.

New style of presentation

The Sörmlands museum has chosen to move away from the usual style of presentation in a museum. Objects, photos and film are collected and displayed together to tell the stories of people, crafts, areas and events in different times and social contexts.

The collection is constantly growing and changing to show different people, crafts, areas and events in context. In this way they show visitors the history of society.


A unique, open depot

Bruynzeel Storage Systems had the honor of supplying most of its storage solutions to Sörmlands Museum:

  • Mobile long span for the storage of furniture and other large items
  • Cabinets of drawers for the storage of small to medium-sized objects
  • Pallet racks for the storage of heavy objects
  • Static painting racks for hanging objects
  • Cabinets of drawers for the storage of textiles
  • Sysco® racks for the storage of textiles and other objects
  • Specially designed racks for the storage of bridal blankets and saddles
  • Cabinets of drawers for the storage of flags
  • Transport carts

“The story, the visibility of the collection and the demand for change have also placed new demands on the interior of the museum. Many new storage systems have been created especially for the Sörmland Museum – from fully open Sysco® shelves to mobile cabinets, special clothing racks and transport carts for educational activities. This is unique in Sweden as well as internationally and is characteristic of the new Sörmlands Museum.”

Karin Lindvall

Managing Director Sörmlands Museum

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