Flexible storage system
With the installation of a Compactus® Dynamic mobile storage system, Bruynzeel was able to double the hospital’s existing storage capacity. By using only 1 aisle, the storage capacity is almost doubled compared to static racks.

The storage system chosen came with shelves and drawers and baskets for storing small objects, plus modular baskets, as standard. In addition, Bruynzeel created special custom-designed pull-out hanging frames in which the modular baskets (eg Baxters) with heavier goods can be placed. Ergonomics and safety were paramount for OLV and as a result the hospital chose an electronic mobile storage system.

Ergonomics and safety
The OLV hospital finds ergonomics and safety extremely important, so an electronically driven type Compactus® Dynamic XTR was chosen.

This mobile storage system offers also the possibility to safely store confidential information. PIN codes allow for different levels of authorization, allowing designated users or departments to access specific aisles. In addition, the storage system has a standard set of safety applications that guarantee the safety of the stored goods and the safety of the user.

Thanks to the control panel, the system can even be operated with hands full. The flexibility of the layout also increases the ease of use.

“The mobile shelving system meets the ergonomic and safety aspects which are important issues in our hospital.”

Jan De Veylder

Program Manager at the operating theatres

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