North Jutland’s Historical Museum carried out an extensive relocation of the collection from the former Aalborg Historical Museum, requiring entirely new storage specifications. All objects were moved from downtown Aalborg where both space and access conditions were becoming too tight, to new and modern premises in Vestbjerg. Vang Mark is a community house, built by the municipality of Aalborg Kommune and is made available for three institutions based in Aalborg: KUNSTEN, Aalborg City Archive and North Jutland’s Historical Museum.
The solution Bruynzeel has supplied mobile storage systems throughout. The installations are placed in five warehouses: dry (storage of archaeological metal), cool (storage of glass negatives and e-records), cold (storage of acetate and colour film), nitrate (storage of photos and film containing nitrate) and a warehouse for storage of records. The latter installation is spectacular, featuring 6m-high mobile shelving. Elsewhere, two mobile installations with a total of 1,490 pallet places and three mezzanine constructions with static shelving have been constructed. The mezzanines have a total area of 1,200 m2 and in total the repository has a capacity of 15,538 linear metres.
”We have seen that Bruynzeel has a wide selection of museum storage solutions which, to a large extent, fulfills our varied needs. We have been very pleased with the flexible shelf depths which have made it possible for us to exploit the space better. It is important for us to be able to have flexible solutions in order to make the most of the space available”. Per Hadsund Conservation Officer
”We have designed the lay-out in close co-operation with Bruynzeel and TL Byg, which has made it possible for us not only to optimize the space exploitation, but equally the logistics – with good transport routes. It has been essential for us as daily users to take part of all the details and planning of repository lay-out”. Bodil Frandsen Collection inspector