Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, in the historic Dutch town of Leiden, is a unique centre for the archiving and study of biodiversity. The Naturalis natural history collection is extraordinarily large, and the vast majority of its 37 million objects are held in storage. The exhibition spaces are able to show only a fraction of the entire collection – some 10,000 items – and as a result the demand for an efficient, well-designed storage facility is paramount for the organisation.
The solution To create efficient and effective museum storage for Naturalis, Bruynzeel supplied drawer units in static cabinets. The objects housed in this way are easy to access by employees. A special feature of the storage at Naturalis is the drawers have been designed to be entirely watertight. Should any damage or degradation occur to the jars and containers, the collection will not be lost. Light, atmospheric humidity and temperature can be accurately regulated in the storage facility. This contributes to the preservation of the collection.