“We need absolute top quality. Then you automatically end up with Bruynzeel. ” Museum and Biodiversity Center Naturalis in Leiden chose drawers from Bruynzeel Storage Systems for its LiveScience room.

“Beautiful isn’t?” Marianne Fokkens is still impressed. The new part of the museum is light, spacious and high and executed in shades and shapes that are reminiscent of layers of earth.

As project manager, Fokkens contributed to the new building. She was responsible for the design of a number of museum rooms and LiveScience, a room on the ground floor that is accessible free of charge, where the public can see scientists from Naturalis at work and have a conversation with them.

“LiveScience is our showcase,” says Fokkens. “We want to show the public what we do at Naturalis, how we do it and why we do it. Providing full disclosure, that is what we aim for. ”

LiveScience also shows a (small) part of Naturalis’s immense permanent collection of 42 million objects. From butterflies to beetles, from shells to snails, from loose bones to complete skeletons.



“We need absolute top quality. Then you will automatically end up with Bruynzeel.”

Marianne Fokkens

Project leader exhibitions Naturalis

Sniffing around
Normally, the collection is safely stored in the museum’s twenty-storey depot tower, which is not open to the public. But visitors can browse part of the collection in LiveScience – thanks to the Bruynzeel drawer system. In the drawers, 256 glass-covered wooden “etiquette drawers” from Naturalis with museum objects have been placed in a precisely fitting manner.

“We receive 500,000 visitors a year, including many children. Then you really need a system of absolute top quality, material that can take a beating. If you look for that, you will automatically end up with Bruynzeel. ”

The Bruynzeel drawers are tailor-made, so that they can hold exactly two Naturalis etiquette drawers measuring 40 by 40 centimeters. There are also double-height drawers for the deeper etiquette drawers with, for example, larger animal bones.

The system has a total of 128 drawers. “I thought it would take a few weeks for it to be installed, but a Bruynzeel team had it installed within a few days.”

The protection of the collection is important to Naturalis, because some parts are very vulnerable. That is why dampers have been fitted so that the drawers do not receive too much shocks when opening and closing. The heavy-duty, yet smooth-running drawers are also sturdy enough to carry children who lean on them easily.


It is a very robust yet flexible system that can last for at least fifteen years. We are very happy with it ”, says Marianne Fokkens.
And about the collaboration with Bruynzeel, she says: “It was perfect.”

Marianne Fokkens

Project leader exhibitions Naturalis

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