National Archives want to store items in the best possible environment with the right solution..  Bruynzeel specified a bespoke system was agreed that they needed non-standard  dimensions: special lengths of 800×1000 mm in order fit their files perfectly, .Mikkelei also need to optimise their space and leave room for growth. Bruynzeel was the supplier who could this need to increase their space upto 50%.

What Mikelei liked about working with Bruynzeel was their professional guidance and planning experience and flexible approach in finding the best solution for their archives.

The planning was very intensive with collaboration of the architects, technical designer , planners and the customer leading the way to the final outcome. The building was planned using the Compactus Double Decker, because it was the most effective system for the design.

Bruynzeel products:

Double Decker Compactus

for A0-drawers (local product)

  • The height of the top floor was custom made, and the entrance to the building was from the 2nd This meant that the flooring had to level.
  • The dimensions of shelves and clearance between shelves were customised, meeting the customers need. The shelves required specific measure of 800mm and 1000mm to accommodate the archives.
  • The Dynamic  pro provide all the software needs
  • In total 8 archive magazines, each 375m2
    • Double Decker in 7 magazines and a capacity about 71.000 shelf meter
    • AO-plan draws on a Compactus Dynamic in 1 magazine, and a capacity of 3030 drawer
    • Double Decker iin 7 magazines, capacity about 71.000 shelf meter
    • A0-plan drawers on Compactus Dynamic in 1 magazine, capacity 3040 drawer