Museum depot Konstanz, Germany

The four municipal museums of Konstanz (Rosgartenmuseum, Wessenberg-Galerie, Bodensee-Naturmuseum and Hus-Haus) are persistent and successful collectors of art and everyday culture of the Bodensee-Region in Germany. Every year, the collection grows by some significant items, mainly through donations, legacies, private collections and purchases on the art market. The rich collection of the museum of around 200,000 objects is the basis for important and successful exhibitions.

So far, the Konstanz Museums have preserved their collection in over ten different locations, spread across the city. Several of the existing storage areas, such as an attic of a school, no longer met the conservation, technical and safety-related standards. Almost all of the depots were packed to the brim, and up to now it was hardly possible to add art and cultural assets to the stored collection.


Therefore, a new central depot was designed and built. The new depot is a modern high-tech building that has been designed in a contemporary way in terms of space layout. The building also meets the highest security requirements. The 1000 m² depot stores around 70,000 objects, including a paintings, textiles, furniture and sacred art worth several million euros, in mobile storage systems. These mobile cabinets ensure that the space is optimally used to store the collection. Compared to static racks, the storage capacity doubles.

The new depot and the adjoining “old”, completely modernized hall will accommodate numerous large-format paintings, furniture, metal objects such as historical weapons, the sculpture collection, the inventory of historical textiles and valuable everyday culture from the history of the Bodensee region.



Every object has its own place in the museum depot. All data, e.g. on a 300-year-old richly embroidered men’s vest, is digitally recorded: its origin, its design, the condition, its value and the location where it is stored in the depot. In this way, all objects can be used for scientific research and for exhibition at any time.

Climatically balanced conditions prevail throughout the depot: humidity, dust, temperature fluctuations and other harmful factors are regulated with the most modern technology.

“The municipal museums of Konstanz are finally arriving in the 21st century with the new art depot and underlining the importance of Konstanz as the regional center of culture”.

Tobias Engelsing

Museum director