The Library San Francesco della Vigna, Venice, is part of the monastery of the same name, whose origins date back to the 13th century. By the 16th century, the monastery’s library already had a remarkable reputation, which continues to develop to this day. Since 1989, the friary has been home to the Institute of Ecumenical Studies. To meet the needs of teachers and students the library houses over 30,000 religious texts, including choral manuscripts, ancient texts and books dating from the 16th century through to contemporary publications. The texts are mostly on religious subjects: sacred scripture, dogmatic theology, moral theology, church history and canon law, for example. A large section is devoted to ecumenism and the theological, historic and artistic development and beliefs of the Franciscan order. During planning for the new library storage, the focus was on a seamless link between the study and archive areas, to ensure safe and efficient access to the historic collection of religious texts.
The solution To solve issues of access and preservation, the Library San Francesco della Vigna has been equipped with static shelving and a range of Bruynzeel mobile storage systems. The mobile systems make maximum use of the available space while quick accessibility is guaranteed. Low-level shelving units situated between the higher mobile and static systems provide useful areas for browsing and viewing oversized volumes. Vibration-free movement, thanks to the mobile storage system’s “soft start and soft stop” function, ensures that the historic collection is protected and cannot be damaged during retrieval.