Since 1909, the Labour Movement Library and Archive (ABA) has collected material produced by the political, trades union, cultural, and cooperative organisations of the Danish Labour Movement. The archive contains material from national and local organisations as well as personal archives. Today the collection includes 2,500 organisational archives and 275 personal archives. The library is a scholarly research centre for Danish and international literature on the Labour Movement and on working-class history and culture. The library and archive combined required a modern archive storage system, with additional capacity to grow.

The solution
Bruynzeel installed a compact storage solution utilising its market-leading double decker mobile shelving system, featuring integral mezzanine floor. The system includes mobile shelving on two levels, with six banks of static archive shelving. The installation also includes 32 mobile shelving units with steel racking which provide a total capacity of 13,266 linear metres of shelving.