All published titles of the French publishing house Hacehette, founded by Louis Hachette in 1826, are preserved and expanded by the publishing house. In France, Hachette covers all editorial genres and the entire consumer and educational book market with some 40 publishers. The oldest print dates from the early eighteenth century.

A new headquarters
In 2015, the French Publisher relocated its main location to the 25th arrondissement in Paris. The new building in the shape of a large H was designed by architect Jacques Ferrier.

The assignment was clear: optimal use of space was essential. The racks had to be suitable for various objects such as documents, photos, archive boxes, books in various sizes, etc. A flexible arrangement of the racks was therefore an important requirement.

Space and storage optimization
It was a challenge for Stéphane Roy – CEO of Hachette – to place the existing press archives, the editorial and administrative archives and the library in the basement of the new office. “We had to consider a different design because up to that time we had more than 1,150m2 of storage space in use. The intention was to reduce that storage capacity by 30% while still leaving enough space for the future.”

The archive is therefore largely equipped with mobile storage systems. After all, static racks always need an aisle, while mobile racks only have one aisle. As a result, the storage capacity can be almost doubled.

Shelving, service and more …
The project was awarded to Bruynzeel through a tender because:

  • The offer remained within budget
  • The storage solution offered had the best price-quality ratio: the racks were not too luxurious for an archive, but they were robust, reliable and of high quality.
  • Bruynzeel understood the need to make optimal use of every available m2 and was looking for an individual solution for all spaces. 12 different rooms with columns, air conditioning systems and other obstacles were measured, after which a proposal with custom-made racks was submitted.
  • After the tender had been won by Bruynzeel, all areas were once again checked and measured on site and some details adjusted.

“I had some doubts as to whether the solution offered would actually provide the required capacity and was pleasantly surprised when it did. The installation of the racks was very professional in terms of quality, speed and cleanliness ”

Stéphane Roy

CEO Hachette

The move? No problem!
The Bruynzeel project manager was very accurate and communicated clearly with the users, so that it was clear to everyone what the expectations were regarding the transport of special archive goods, such as glass plates and large format printed matter. As a result, the move went very smoothly.

Some employees were concerned about the accessibility of the mobile racks because they were not used to working with such a storage solution.

“In the end, after we adjusted some small details (like the lettering and settings) I didn’t have any negative reactions,” says Stéphane Roy.

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