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Create space and use every square cm of your office with our office storage. Our award-winning high-density office systems save up to 50% of space, which can be used for wider aisles or extra desks. An office hub will be created as central meeting point. Modular office shelving designed with modern aesthetics for office supplies. Why Bruynzeel? With over 60 years of experience we are storage partners with international top companies as well as local businesses all around the world. Get in touch with one of our experts to see what your possibilities are!
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Designing office storage can be both difficult and frustrating. You have to take into account what items to store, how many items and the dimensions; for example documents/files, personal lockers, coats etc. Our experts can advise you on every aspect, creating the best solution for you.
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Appoint certain aisles to certain departments, so your storage is secure. With our built in RFID-reader it is possible to restrict access to certain aisles for unauthorised people. In our Dynamic II App you can configure who has access to restricted aisles. Or lock sections within an aisle with our metal storage cabinets.
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Specific requirements

Bruynzeel has over 60 years of experience in designing offices. A table and sofa attached to your office storage or a built-in coffee machine? These are very usual occurrences which we have perfect solutions for! We are happy to help find a solution that meets your special requirements.

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Office shelving

Sysco® shelving suitable for storing items in boxes, crates or by themselves. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size making it useful in any situation.

Metal Storage Cabinets

Keep your documents behind lock and key. Our Sysco® cabinets are based on our Sysco® shelving system. Take a look which cabinets could solve your storage challenge.

Office space saving shelving

High density systems are great space savers, combining multiple racks with just one aisle. Increase your capacity instantly. The ideal solution for your office!

Companies we have helped with optimising their office supplies storage

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