What will the office of the future look like? Over the next three months, designers and architects will get the chance to answer that question by taking part in an innovative online design challenge: Shaping the Office. Bruynzeel Storage Systems has joined forces with renowned studio Jacob Jensen Design to give established professionals and young creatives the opportunity to reinvent smart office storage systems for a modern market through online crowdsourcing platform shapingtheoffice.com. The prize: Each category winner will receive a 7-day all inclusive trip to Shanghai where they will get the chance to work with Timothy Jacob Jensen to develop a final design concept from their ideas. The three winners will also be announced in press publications while the overall winning concept will be released as a signature line.
Shaping the Office will focus on three subject areas: design, functionality and sustainability. Through challenges, participants can share their ideas on these topics and exchange knowledge via shapingtheoffice.com blogs and forums. The first challenge “Design” starts right now and will end the 16th of March. New challenges will be presented each month, stimulating paths for innovation and creation.
Entry requirements
Participants can be individual product designers, students, industrial designers or architects. Basically, anyone with a brilliant design idea can enter.

Jacob Jensen Design
Founded by Jacob Jensen in 1958, Jacob Jensen Design has built an impressive track record of remarkable design and has collected more awards than any other design studio in the world. Probably best known for its work for Bang & Olufsen, Jacob Jensen created the Shade design for Bruynzeel in 2004. The growing company, with offices in Denmark, Bangkok and Shanghai, focuses on a ultra-modern minimalist design language applied across a wide range of products. To enter the competition and collaborate with designers and architects around the world, go to shapingtheoffice.com.