Bruynzeel’s objective is to be the best at what we do. To be the world’s best and most environment friendly provider of space saving storage solutions. We try to achieve this by, among other things, actively pursuing an exceptional innovation focus.

“Excellent product development and design are a priority for us throughout our segments,” says Roland van der Velden, Innovation manager at Bruynzeel Storage Systems.

“We put the customers needs at the centre of the table to define the functionality of our products. As a market leader, we set the standard in incorporating the latest technologies in our products to make the lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable.

For example, we recently introduced the Safety Master, an original feature designed to ensure the safety of users and stored items.”


“We are driven by creative and technical challenges”

In-house R&D department

Bruynzeel has been redefining storage solutions for over 60 years by continuously investing in Research & Development and always taking inspiration from customer feedback.

Our R&D department collaborates with recognised institutions on developments that improve quality and provide additional value for the users.

“We are driven by creative and technical challenges,” says van der Velden. In his role as Innovation Manager, he stands at the centre of our innovation process.

“We focus on our customer and on the users of our products, making them the most important drivers in the search for innovation opportunities. In order to be able to respond immediately to needs and trends, we must have the capacity to act quickly. Having our own R&D department is therefore crucial.

Bruynzeel also makes it a priority to continuously improve our operational performance, which enables us to create new innovative products.

“The world-class manufacturing tools and methods implemented in our factory allow us to produce with great precision in thousands of different configurations. Thanks to our own trial facilities, we can test our innovations down to the last detail. Furthermore, we also focus on real-life testing in order to involve our customers and users in the complete development cycle, from ideation to launch,”

says van der Velden.


Innovative projects

One of the most recent innovative projects Bruynzeel is working on is sustainable urban living.

“We all know that in the future our growing world population and urbanisation will cause challenges in the housing sector. Not only costs, but also space, will become a huge problem,” says van der Velden.

“That is why we work closely with the renowned architectural firm Tengbom and with the largest housing developer in Nordic countries, OBOS.

By using our solutions we can create extremely flexible housing interiors as well as create space in places where it is needed at a certain time a day.”

Another example is the coming trend of urban farming. According to many, this is the future. Growing crops in a building can offer many advantages. No need to use pesticides, no use of nutrients and less land use.

Van der Velden: “For Champerché in France, we are providing space saving solutions to equip 1,300 square metres of cultivation surface in a building at the foot of the Seine, so they can grow fruit and vegetables.

This new application where space efficiency can make a real difference is an inspiring challenge to us that can improve the life of forthcoming generations.”