In a series of Top Questions asked about storage and what you need to know!

Either implementing a brand new storage system or upgrading an existing one there can be many strategies and ways to get what you want, this can include cost, process, time, materials and over design details.

Here are some of the questions we get asked by our clients and some of the things to consider regarding your storage.

  • Is my space too small for Roller racking?

We have been able to install in spaces that measure 2 metres by 1 metre. No space is too small but there are always limitations.

  • Will I gain much capacity by using mobile shelving?

Yes you can, this can be an increase of up to 50%. Mobile shelving is always a great option in expanding your storage capacity.

  • How much weight can a self-hold?

It does depend on the shelf and what you are storing and the size of the shelf, but we are SEMA certified for our shelving.

  • Can you mix store different media in a single bay? 

Yes you can. We can design, manufacture and install bespoke systems for you to store many different objects in various layouts, no matter how challenging.  


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