Dynamic II
Control Master app

Dynamic II Remote Control app

Remotely control your Dynamic II system

We are bringing Control Master functionality to our Dynamic II mobile storage systems.
With the Dynamic II Control Master app users can open the correct aisle using a mobile phone or tablet.
Even collection management system functionalities are integrated. We bring the ease of use of this
functionality to our customers.

Bruynzeel-Storage-Systems-Compactus-Dynamic II-XTR-Remote-Control-app

Multiple systems

Remotely control multiple systems as one: Dynamic II systems can be integrated into a company network or connected to a standalone router.

The connection, over Wi-Fi, allows multiple users to be connected. This prevents unwanted errors and makes for a streamlined experience. The system will only allow one aisle to be opened at a time, using Photocells and our Safety Master to keep users and inventory safe.

Inventory system

The Dynamic II Control Master app features an inventory system. Add inventory to each side of the aisle and easily see which aisle to open from within the app. A search function helps you find the correct aisle even faster!

The inventory list is stored on the Dynamic II, every user that connects to the system will see the same inventory list.

Inventory in protected aisles can only be viewed by users who have access to the protected aisles.


Safety Master

Remotely operating a system can create a safety issue. Thanks to our all new Safety Master, users and inventory are kept safe.

The Safety Master checks an aisle before moving the system, reverting to the Visual Safety procedure to protect users and inventory.

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