Creating space for a healthy planet

In a world where space is a scarce and a valuable asset, we dedicate ourselves to help organisations worldwide to use space in the most efficient and effective way to preserve their valuable documents and collections. As the footprint reduction company we achieve this by providing space creating solutions that contribute to a sustainable planet.

The continuously growing population and the ongoing urbanisation increases the need for resources close to these urban areas. The use of our space creating solutions reduces the footprint of storage and with that use of natural resources. Less space needed means less costs and has a huge impact on the environmental footprint.

We apply best practices in energy and water stewardship. Combined with attention to material health this supports sustainability of the planet as well as the wellbeing of every individual working with our solutions. We call this: creating space for a healthy planet.

By applying Bruynzeel’s space creating solution, our customers achieve:

  • Quadruple storage capacity or reduce up to 75% of the physical footprint needed for storage
  • A reduction of the amount of building materials used up to 54%
  • Savings up to 50% on energy costs to heat & cool their buildings
  • Savings up to 90% on energy costs for lightning through efficient aisle lightning
  • A reduction of the amount of security measures needed due to integrated access control functionally
  • An increase in the wellbeing of staff due to innovative solutions with the highest level of safety included

This makes every space creating solution by Bruynzeel, by definition, a sustainable choice.Bruynzeel’s strategic objective is however to be the world’s most environment friendly provider of space creating solutions. To achieve that objective we are continuously working on reducing our own footprint and thus contributing to a sustainable planet.

At Bruynzeel, we care about the future. We want to contribute to a better world for a fast growing population where there is a growing need for efficient use of space and natural resources. Smart space creating solutions make a difference. Not only by choosing the right materials and optimising production processes, but moreover by reducing the physical footprint of our customers. Space creating solutions ensure every m2 is used meaningfully and with that creates space for a healthy planet. 

Alexander Collot d’Escury

Chief Executive Officer