At Exponatec, Europe’s foremost trade fair for the museum, conservation and restoration industry, we have presented our practical storage solutions and a special new product development.
Mobile storage system with Dynamic Pro control
If the available floorspace is limited, mobile storage systems offer great advantages. They only need one access aisle, which can be created with the touch of a finger wherever it is needed. To ensure optimal ventilation, Dynamic Pro offers the possibility to activate a program which opens and closes the elements at night. Depending on the requirements of the separate collections, the interior accessories can be selected. At Exponatec we have presented an Optim Longspan rack with dividing rods. From the Sysco collection we have presented: drawers with steel partitioning, pullout shelves, shelves, a coat hanger and aluminium textile frames. The new cantilever racking completed the mobile system.

New Product development inside the mobile system
Bruynzeel has combined both innovative and proven functions with its newly developed Cantilever racking. Large objects of any shape can be easily stored, since the racking does not have front supports nor end panels. Therefore you can load items in any direction and height easily and add shelves, drawers and other accessories to meet your requirements. Would you like to include our new cantilever racking in your existing collection? No Problem! Bruynzeel products are fully sustainable and can be easily adjusted or relocated.

Aluminium- fabricframes
Our aluminium frames with fungus-resistant fabric are ideal for storing textiles. Easy access and security of the textiles is guaranteed, because you can take the entire frame, including the stored textiles, out of the closet.

Storage solutions for paintings
With our extensible painting frames you can optimise the use of your floorspace. We help you optimize your repository according to the needs of the collections and the users. At the exhibition we have demonstrated miniature versions of different product types: Penda (the hanging version), Terra (the version with floorrails) and Rota (the most cost effective solution with wheels for smaller dimensions).

Oddy certificate
Bruynzeel helps you store irreplaceable collections for future generations. It s important to us to provide excellent quality. Oddy tests have show that the coatings we use for our products, are suitable for items/artwork that are stores in a museum repository. All tests have been judged with a “P” (permanent durable).

Want to find out more?
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