Bruynzeel Storage Systems presented a world first in the field of ‘flexible office surroundings’ during the Orgatec 2012 exhibition. We proposed a new perspective on the shape and functions of offices, by demonstrating a multifunctional and space-saving office unit.
All kinds of office storage such as lockers, hanging rails, office supplies, archives, filing and book shelves where integrated into one central unit. By also adding additional functions such as a coffee machine and a presentation area we showed how it could become a central point in your office. On the second day of the Orgatec exhibition we were very proud to receive the Innovation Award Architeture + Office for this WORLD FIRST. This award shows that not only do we believe in this concept, but that also known architects and interior designers do too. Awarded on the basis of architectural criteria, the Innovation Prize recognises that the Bruynzeel Office storage Unit is seen to be excellent in terms of both design and technology.