Pull-out painting racks are an efficient use of space while keeping all stored object easily accessible. If you need to access a specific art work only the relevant rack has to be moved. With our movable painting storage racks you will find that conservation and accessibility go hand in hand. Available in three options to suit any budget: suspended, on rails or on wheels.

Visible storage

Store and show more art in less space thanks to our ArteStore solutions. Items remain highly visible inside the storage system making art easily accessible.

Space saving

ArteStore movable painting storage racks are supported by a construction making it possible to place the racks close together. Using just one middle aisle saves 25% floor space in comparison to traditional storage solutions.

Bespoke construction

ArteStore is configured with a bespoke construction making the system usable in any room. The load-bearing capacity of your walls or ceiling are not a factor, the construction carries all the weight.

High density movable painting storage racks

A high density solution that combines our Compactus® with painting storage racks, optimising storage capacity. Available in a hand crank or electronic version. Our Compactus® ArteStore XTR system is the best of both worlds.


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ArteStore Rota - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

ArteStore Rota

Art work storage, on wheels

This space saving solution has pull-out frames that run on wheels. The wheels and carriages run on the existing floor. Using a lightweight construction to guide the frames, ArteStore Rota is ideal for smaller installations.

ArteStore Terra - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

ArteStore Terra

Art work storage, on rails This space saving solution has pull-out frames that run on bespoke rails. The rails carry the weight of the system while the lightweight constructions guides the frames.
ArteStore Penda - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

ArteStore Penda

Art work storage, suspended This space saving solution has pull-out frames that are suspended from a bespoke aluminium rail. The wheels, rails and carriages are very low maintenance and have no wear and tear, keeping the art works underneath safe from debris.

Only the best for your art

Our painting storage racks are designed in the best way possible. The vertical bars are welded in front of the horizontal bars, creating a smooth surface. All bars are welded to the inside of the frame, eliminating sharp edges. Our ArteStore painting hooks are designed to create a stable place to suspend art from. With extra long legs the painting hooks slide onto the horizontal bars.
Colour Chart - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have 13 standard colours, but can deliver any RAL colour you need. Download the colour chart below or contact us.

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