Our static art racks, ArteStore Static, are fixed to a wall, the floor or to each other. They have a wide range of uses, from instruments to weapons and from tools to paintings. The high quality mesh frames have a loading capacity of 25 kg per square metre and are 100% powder coated. By using spacers, several frames can be attached to each other to form aisles.


Static art racks are very low in vibrations, because the structure is standing still, so there are no moving parts.

Strong and rigid

The steel wires are welded on the inside of the tubes and therefore ArteStore Static has no sharp edges. The vertical wire is welded in front, so paintings cannot get stuck while being moved.


Many different object types can be suspended from the art racks. With many available sizes and configurations art racks can be used anywhere.

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Wall mounted

ArteStore Static can be mounted to a wall, making it very easy to add racks to any room. Using wall space the most optimal way possible art racks can be mounted around obstacles.


Standing on feet

When using heavier objects the ArteStore can be configured with feet. Making sure the weight of the objects is carried by the floor and not the walls.


Free standing

To create a standalone storage solution ArteStore Static can be mounted to each-other. The racks stand on feet and are connected via a bar at the top.

Colour Chart - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


We have 13 standard colours, but can deliver any RAL colour you need. Download the colour chart below or contact us.

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