Valuable collections deserve intelligent artwork storage solutions. For instance: Visible storage is a method that gives the public maximum access to art and museum collections that are otherwise in hidden storage. With various solutions for visible and private museum storage we always have the solution to your challenge. Sooner or later, all museums will run out of floor space for storage. Constantly growing collections with special needs make it important to think about the museum’s available floor space. Let Bruynzeel help you to avoid major expansion projects by finding alternatives and optimising the museum’s existing spaces.

Design advice

Designing museum storage can be both difficult and frustrating. You have to take into account what items to store, how many items and the dimensions. Will the items be stored in boxes, behind glass and do you need lighting? Bruynzeel Storage Systems can advise you on every aspect, creating the best solution for you.



Optimise your available space by using space saving painting storage racks or one of our high density shelving systems. Being able to increase your storage capacity eliminates the need for major expansion projects, which will also have a positive effect on your CO2 footprint.

Specific requirements

Bruynzeel has extensive experience in the design of depots and warehouses for museums. We are happy to help find a solution that meets the special requirements that your collection, users and the environment require of the system.

Do you need consultation on how to optimize your storage space?

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Sysco - Static archive shelving - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Sysco® shelving suitable for storing items in boxes, crates or by themselves. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size, making it useful in any situation.

Cabinets - Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Keep your documents behind lock and key. Our Sysco® cabinets are based on our Sysco® shelving system. Take a look which cabinets could solve your storage challenge.


Painting storage frames

Our painting racks are made with mesh. The 100% powder coated mesh frames are ideal to suspend paintings while in storage. Highly customisable and durable.


High density systems

High density systems are great space savers, combining multiple racks with just one aisle. Increase your capacity instantly. The ideal solutions for warehouses and depots.


Painting storage racks

Using our space saving painting storage racks is a great space saver for any depot. The painting racks can be suspended from a low vibration rail or ride on wheels.

Companies we have helped with their art storage

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