Bruynzeel Middle East organized an “Advanced PF Training “  to the PF users in the Middle East who are working for our authorized dealers there ( 9 attendees from different countries in the region ) , this toke a place in ahotel in Dubai city in UAE  ( 4th & 5th ) of March 2019.

The training was mainly for the users who had intermediate experience with PF, but  still facing some difficulties in some topics such as nonstandard bases, rendering drawings,  museum solutions.

The reason behind delivering this training is to increase the skills and  capabilities of the PF users, and the goal is to reduce pressure on our support team in the export department. This was offered and we saw this as an investment. ( The more time we invest in our Dealers the more independent they can be.)

Lisette & Salah organised the training program and agenda for the two days for all attendees and a certificate was rewarded for all attendees.

It was the first advanced Primefact training that we did for export dealers. The training contained the following subjects:

  • Non standard bases
  • Rendering drawings
  • Museum

It was a great success as we received positive replies from all attendees that they learned a lot during these two days. They now can create non standard bases and rendering drawings in Primefact. Also they have more knowledge on the different museum systems and are also able to create this them selves. The big advantage of this is that they don’t need the help of the export sales support team on this anymore.